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A professional sports ground has been opened with the support of Converse Bank in “Nor Arabkir” Park in Yerevan. The project was implemented by Converse Bank, Street Workout Federation of Armenia within the framework of cooperation between the Municipality of Yerevan and the staff of Arabkir administrative district.

“The newly opened sports ground is a result of effective cooperation between the private sector -community and non-governmental organizations, which enables residents of the Arabkir community and students of adjacent educational centers to have the opportunity to train in a professional sports ground. It is built to the highest international standards, is safe and designed not only for professionals but also for beginners” - said Kazar Hakobyan, Chairman of the Board of the Armenian Federation of Street Workout Federation.

“As a private sector representative, with our Corporate Responsibility Program, we have taken responsibility for promoting both healthy lifestyles and extending support to our partner communities. To that end, we have been participating in nearly two dozen events and programs each year. The construction of sports grounds in our 5 partner communities is only one example among these initiatives” - said Karina Volkova, Head of Marketing at Converse Bank, adding that as part of the initiative, professional sports grounds were opened in Yerevan, Shushi and Metsamor. Opening of professional sports grounds in Gyumri and Nor Hachn is planned soon.

It was also noted that within the framework of the Converse Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Program for 2018, overall, about 44 million drams were directed to promoting healthy lifestyles, and 21 million drams to community support.

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